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Delivered, Cut-to-Length Hardwood Lumber, Lagging Lumber and Pre-madeLagging Panels

Sterling Lumber Cut-to-Length lumber is used for foundation wall lagging, earth retention walls, ground stabilization, construction framing projects, shoring and soldier piling lagging is available as Pre-Cut Lagging and Standard Dimensional Lagging. Cut-to-Length Lumber and Lagging projects include pipeline, sewer, foundation, bridge, road and minimg tunnels and shafts. The Sterling sawmill will prepare any specified lengths and widths required.

Sterling Lumber keeps massive inventories of lagging lumber and has made a large commitment to sourcing timber, additional equipment and people, while positively managing timber resources and the environment. We keep track of all of our cut timber so we can utilize our resources wisely and keep prices down for customers.

Sterling Lumber Urban Timber, Up-cycling and Repurposing Initiative: Sterling Lumber has negotiated to accept timber from the Chicagoland communities and their contracted tree cutting services – repurposing local timber, that can be utilized for hardwood lagging and shoring when processed by the Manufacturing Facility Sawmill in Phoenix, Illinois.

Save time and money with cut-to-length orders or Pre-cut Lagging Panels. 24 to 48 hour delivery available.

Soldier Pile Lagging

Soldier piles are placed prior to excavation. As the excavation is advanced, lagging is placed between the soldier piles. Soldier pile and lagging walls are commonly used systems for supporting excavations in urban environments where property lines, roads, and utilities prohibit sloped or benched excavations. Soldier pile and walls of Sterling lagging can be more economical and faster to construct than many other earth shoring systems.

Lagging Lumber Retaining Walls

Beam and lagging anchored retaining walls are commonly used to support open excavations and restrict lateral movements. Sterling Lagging Lumber and Lumber Products provide an increased factor of safety to nearby structures and utilities against excessive deformations and loss of bearing capacity.

Shoring Lumber

Sterling Shoring Lumber and beams are often used to stabilize a structure or excavations. When deep excavations are required, adjacent buildings, streets & equipment must be protected with strong hardwood shoring timbers. Retaining wall reinforced with shoring are can also be secured with cable and anchors.

Hardwood Tunnel Lagging

Sterling Lumber supplies lagging for deep foundation, earth retention and tunneling job sites around the country. If you need a non-standard length, angle or bevel, we can cut it to length at any of our sawmills or manufacturing facility saws before delivering it to your job site.

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